There were 10 participants in this year's

Music Fundamentals Fair.

The results are a reflection of their hard work and effort.  

Congratulations to:
Congratulations to:
Green Rosette Winners-

Katryna Boelter- Level 6

nora Corrigan- Level 4

Aiden Farrell- Level 6

Alexis Hawthrone- Level 2

Millie Koehn- Level 3

Nolan Thomassen- level 6

​Oliviya Travis- Level 

100% Theory

Jacorey Cannon

Nolan Thomassen

Oliviya Travis 

Fun Fair 2019

​​​​Providing Instruction for students of All Ages

Trophy Winner-

Nolan Thomassen- Level 3

100 % Theory


Congratulations to:
Special Rosette Winners-

jacorey Cannon- Level 1

bridget Neuman- Level 4

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