The Piano Winter Olympics was held January 8- March 1, 2018. The studio was broken up into 3 teams:

Team Allegro:

Roman Harms             Alexis Hawthrone

Millie Koehn                Bridget Neuman

Nolan Thomassen      Oliviya Travis

Team Presto:

​Katryna Boelter           Josie Bohn

Nora Corrigan             Aiden Farrell

Charlotte Rabuck        Conner Thomassen

Team Accelerando:

Hannah Fjare           Ellie Sadler

Jill Tucker

The students competed in 8 different events: 


Theory,Performance,Beethoven Facts, and practicing.  

Medals were earned by completing the events:

Gold Medal-8 events

Silver Medal-7-6 events

Bronze- 5 events

In the Team composition the "Allegros" won!  They completed more events than the other teams.  Team Allegro's prize was a Pizza party!!!

Congratulations to all the winners!

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Silver medal Winners

Nora Corrigan     Charlotte Rabuck

​Conner Thomassen     OliviaTravis 

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Piano Olympics

Gold Medal Winners

Roman Harms     Alexis Hawthrone

Millie Koehn     Bridget Neuman

Nolan Thomassen     Katrina Boelter

Josie Bohn      Aiden Farrell